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Help Preserve Sydney's Culture

     Sydney in the late 70s and the early 80s was the music hub of the world due to a thriving live music scene. Bands like AC/DC, INXS, The Church, The Mentals, Midnight Oil and many other notable bands developed their styles and went on to produce fantastic music. This was facilitated by having venues to perform at while they perfected their craft.

     Then the lights dimmed and stages disappeared. These were replaced by poker machines and sadly, the live music scene was left fighting to keep its head above water. Today, the Sydney CBD is left with around 150 bars and hotels capable of providing bands a place to perform. Unfortunately, these venues are struggling under the new lock-out laws.


     To invigorate the music scene once again, and at the same time assist these venues, the lock-out law should be modified to allow CBD venues to be exempt from the new laws, if they have live bands playing. This will directly benefit patrons and provide continuing or additional employment, as well as further opportunity for Sydney's musicians.

     Help preserve Sydney's culture. Help change the laws to bring around these changes.  SIGN THE PETITION


North West Rail Link - PUBLIC MEETING
7.00 PM for 7.30 PM
Monday 5th May
Cheltenham Recreation Club
The Crescent & Lyne Road
In view of the continuing unanswered questions from residents in Sydney ’s North West.
please notate your calendar for the above public meeting
Invited are:
Transport Minister Berejiklian
NSW MP Hon Greg Smith
NWRL Project Manager Rodd Staples
Shadow Transport Minister - Penny Sharpe
Greens MLC - Dr Mehreen Faruqi
Gavin Gatenby from Eco Transit
They will to provide their updates on this challenged NWRL project. Media has indicated their attendance.
Please note Minister Berejiklian has just declined the meeting.

Many Questions for The NWRL?

      As an election promise, Barry O’Farrell undertook to build the North West Rail Link (NWRL) as a compatible double-decker service. So why has this undertaking changed?

      The Transport Minister, when announcing Rodd Staples as the Project Manager in April 2011, stated that, ''This is a heavy rail link."' 

      So why have both these eminent people changed their minds?   


      The resultant change to a metro means the NSW State Government is now spending $8.38 billion of tax payer’s money to build what will be a privately-operated shuttle service, with no chance of integration into the Sydney network. In the hands of private operators, commuters will surely pay more.  


The people of Sydney need to know :
• Why is the State Government purposely reducing the tunnel size to be 40cm too small for our current double deck fleet; thus, preventing future integration back into the network?


• Why did Barry O’Farrell state we are saving $200 million by building smaller diameter tunnels without any costing of the alternatives or evidence to back the assertion?

• Why is the State Government gifting use of the state-owned Epping to Chatswood line to a private operator without public discussion?

• Why is the State Government refusing to release non-commercially sensitive e-mails and documentation to and from Rodd Staples covering the six months   leading up to the decision to change from double-decker to metro?


A parliamentary inquiry into the reasons for these changes against all logic, is required.

     Metro passengers from Rouse Hill will have to stand for 37 kilometers to Chatswood and then wait on a critically over-crowded platform to join an already crowded train into the city. This is definitely not the seamless integration into the network that Minister Berejiklian promised us.
The Transport Minister can avoid a complete disaster by building the tunnels large enough for the operation of a double-decker service to permit future integration into the Sydney rail network. 



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    Michael Stove has stood as a Labor Party candidate for Hornsby Council in  2008 and stood as the Labor Party candidate for the Federal Seat of Berowra NSW Australia in 2010 and now in 2013. 

     Michael Stove has declared his commitment to helping the Labor Government  of Australia to build a safer future for working families by delivering on the Better  Schools Education Reforms,  the National Broadband Network, improved  health care, responsible environmental reforms and responsible  financial management promoting growth and jobs.

  Michael Stove will be a dynamic, diligent and hard-working local member for  Berowra, NSW Australia. Michael listens to the people of Berowra and will continue to  be an advocate for them. 

    Michael Stove will show care and compassion for local residents, while  working with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia to build a better future for  our community.